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Very pleased with all the work Mr. Nolan and his crew have done. They have installed floors in multiple apartments of ours that leave us and new tenants speechless and in love.

George – M.A. Design

Excellent repairs done in the apartments. We have been working with Nolan’s for years and it has definitely been my pleasure working with them. Our tenants love their new floors!


John’s workers were very efficient, professional and extremely friendly. Best floor service I have seen in a long time. Finished product was beautiful. Borders and edges were perfect! I would definitely recommend Nolan’s company for further floor installations.

Thomas – Pil Corp.

Trabajos finos de calidad


I was refered to John by a fellow co-worker who had recently installed Maple floors to his apartment. Normally places will sell you a dream just to make a dollar, but John told me upfront that the damaged area I was inquiring about could not have been “simply covered with new floors” like other companies had previously told me. He gave me a thorough explanation on installing a new sub-floor to prevent the new wood from rising above the damaged area. I didn’t understand anything at first but seeing the process and the completed project I was amazed! Looked brand new! I appreciated Johns honesty and will definitely use his services again!

Monica – NEWP.

John, You and I both know renovations are a hassle, especially with difficult people. Your men, not only were they amazing to work with, they promised a deadline for multiple apartments in our buildings, and sure enough, everything was completed on time. With my many experiences with your company, never once was I left disappointed, so for that once again, I want to personally thank you for all your hardwork!

Mike – g.c. Prop.